Classroom Wish List

Having a variety of interesting toys and materials enriches children’s play! 

If you would like to  gift one of these items to our classroom, we promise to put it to good use!

A) Write a check to HFP for the amount of the toy/material you’d like to gift. B) Include a note of which toy/material you’d like to gift. C) Let Susan know and she’ll work with our classroom purchaser to buy it. 
Thanks for considering!
1. One or two  Logs Head Rests for the loft. $17 each
The fill pillows are tactiley satisfying.  Perfect for our sensory-seekers.
Log image
2. Set of Fabric Nesting Dolls-$30 
Fabric, multi-ethnic. 
4. Pattern Play Game– $30 (We’ll buy two sets for our classroom).
5. Squishy fidget balls $12.99 for a set of three. 
Special Supplies DNA Squish Stress Ball (4-Pack) Squeeze, Color Sensory Toy | Relieve Tension, Stress | Home, Travel and Office Use | Fun for Kids and Adults (Squishy)

Big Ticket Item


Children’s Picture Books– We’d like hardbound for durability’s sake. New or used (in good condition) works great!

If you’d like to gift one of these to the classroom, we’d love it. Please purchase it directly and let Susan know so she can remove it from our Wish List.


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