Toileting Support

Toileting Support

We strive to create a comfortable, low-pressure/low-stress experience for children learning to use the toilet. We know many preschoolers will need gentle support in the bathroom.  Adults will assist children with pulling up and down pants, flushing toilet, wiping and thorough hand-washing.


Alta- Needs encouragement to poop on the potty.

Harper – Requests pull-ups to poop.

Kiernan- Wears pull-ups

Mac- Requests diaper to poop

Sahas- Wears pull-ups



Liam-  Wears pull-ups

Scarlett- Wears diapers



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  1. HFP Parent says:

    Sahas – Wears pull-ups but is transitioning to underwear RIGHT NOW! Please check in with him before and after pottty time (if he doesn’t go especially), “Hey Sahas, do you need to go potty?” Thanks!

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