Snack Suggestions

We serve a family-style, vegetarian snack each day, consisting of a protein, grains, and fresh fruits or vegetables. We often like to present the children with a variety of preparations of a specific ingredient. Here are some examples.

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Tacos! The children had helped make corn tortillas, and already-made tortillas were brought in for the taco snack. Corn two ways – tortillas and kernels.

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Valentine’s Day snack. Whole strawberries and strawberry jam.

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Variety of goodies – cheese wedges, sunflower seeds, cukes, banana slices…

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Sliced apples, granola bites, nuts and fruits.

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Double double – carrots two ways: vegan carrot muffins and baby carrots, and chickpeas two ways: hummus and whole crunchy chickpeas, and blueberries.

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Hummus, crackers, veggies.

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Peanuts and pasta with peanut sauce. Fresh item today was cucumbers and carrots.

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Peanuts and peanut butter with veggies.

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Muffins, nuts, fresh fruits.

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Green day.

Teacher Susan will sometimes make suggestions to match snack items with featured themes or seasons. For example, for apple week, she gave the following suggestions:

“Apples- different varieties and colors.  We can use apple cutters to cut w/ the class.

Apples and cinnamon.

Apple circle slices w/ peanut butter or sunflower butter on some.

Apple butter

Apple sauce

If anyone is up for beginning to make applesauce w/ the class, you’re welcome to do that- to invite children to core, cut and peel apples and to make those into applesauce at home, while bringing in already-made applesauce to eat at school.

Dried apples.

We could try a bit of apple cider or apple juice…

Apple muffins.

We’ll paint and sing about apples as well.”


Finally, the following are suggestions for Special Events/Days:



Strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, dried cranberries, red apple slices, “red” grapes, cherries.

Pink fruit smoothies (use soy milk or coconut milk to make vegan).

Yogurt (could be soy) w/ berries on top.

Fruit smoothies (could use coconut milk, berries, bananas).

Bagels and cream cheese- could flavor cream cheese and mix berries into cream cheese to turn pink.

Pasta with marinara sauce.

Jelly sandwiches.  Could cut sandwiches w/ cookie cutter shapes (hearts for Valentine’s) for heightened interest and excitement.


The most obvious naturally occurring blue food I can think of is blueberries.  Are you up for baking blueberry muffins in the classroom?  Maybe we could have some yogurt w/ the option of mixing w/ blueberries.  Blue fruit roll?  A teeny bit of blue cheese to notice and for the bold to try.  Blueberry smoothies?  Blue and yellow corn chips for a taste test?  Other ideas are welcome!


Basil, pesto

Green grapes

Cucumbers, lettuce, celery, broccoli

Limes, lime sorbet, lime yogurt, limeade

Pistachios, spinach, spinach pirate booty, avocados and guacamole, green apples, edamame, green pumpkin seeds, green beans, snap peas, Trader Joe’s crunchy pea chips (yum!), …. and on and on.


Pajama Day

 Parents working in the classroom on pajama days are encouraged to wear cozy p.j.s and slippers and to prepare some breakfast foods for our snack on that day.

 Snack ideas:

Two to Three Cereal choices, bananas and milk (w/ a soymilk option)

Bagels and cream cheese

Granola & yogurt with fruit

Toasted frozen waffles w/ fruit and topping options (including protein- nuts or yogurt)

Or, if you’re up for doing something a little more involved and exciting, we might make waffle batter w/ kids in the class and borrow some waffle irons for some hot-off-the-grill waffles w/ syrup… I’m happy to bring in my waffle iron, if you go for this option. Or, we could make pancakes using a couple of electric griddles. HFP has one and we could borrow another.


Visiting Rabbits

 Whole carrots w/ green tops attached. It is really fun to munch like a rabbit with the leafy tops attached.  🙂  Annie’s bunny shaped crackers.  Produce that bunnies would like: lettuce, cucumbers, etc, accompanied w/ a protein.


Wheel Days

 Think round. Round crackers, citrus slices in rounds (oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes), circle shaped peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches (using cookie cutter).


Thank you for contributing to our delicious, nutritious and engaging snacks.  


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