Parent Participation

IMG_2325At Hawthorne Family Playschool, we believe participating in a parent cooperative, while lots of work, is deeply rewarding.  

Children have an early learning experience in which their own families are central and valued, bridging the gap between home and school. Children feel safe as their teacher knows and partners with their entire family. Children benefit from their relationship with their teacher and from their relationships with all their friends’ parents.  


How Parents Benefit

  • Participate in children’s early and foundational experiences of exploring relationships with peers, using play and nature as primary building-blocks for learning.
  • Support and learn from the experienced leadership of HFP’s dedicated and innovative teacher.
  • Learn and reinforce skills that help build a foundation for self-confidence and lifelong learning with respect for children at the center.
  • Build relationships with other like-minded families for ongoing collaboration, fun and sharing.
  • Participate  in children’s learning while maintaining a school that is a leader in early childhood education.


We love HFP! Caring and attentive teacher Susan is amazing, the indoor space is creative and warm, and the outdoor yard is incredible – tons of space, rustic, mature trees, great sand area, logs and rocks and water to explore. The anti-bias curriculum is inspiring and thoughtful. The community of families is warm and welcoming. This is a co-op which means more involvement and effort than a regular school but it’s well worth it to be part of my son’s experience, know all the other kids and their families and to have that community.

The reasons our family has chosen HFP for four years running have grown over the years.  With our first child, the step out of the home and into the world seemed like such a huge one.  Being part of her school and in the classroom as a helper was a more gradual transition, though still a teary one!  It was tough to navigate childcare for my baby in order to be in the classroom with my 3 year old, but every shift I had, my daughter was thrilled that I spent that time just with her, and I wouldn’t have made that time if I hadn’t been forced to.  And my 1 year old proved his resilience by playing like a champ with my neighbor and new friends who I traded childcare with through HFP.  (read more)

Wow … it’s year #4 for our family here at HFP, and I can’t believe I’m in the final stretch of our cooperative preschool experience.  It’s been a really rewarding journey that will stick with me forever.  Maybe this seems obvious to others, but I only recently began to see our co-op as a kind of social experiment.  The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” is something many of us pay lip service to, but we rarely if ever have the opportunity to test it in any real way.  (read more)