The Food We Eat

We serve a family-style, vegetarian snack each day, consisting of a protein, grains, and fresh fruits or vegetables. We are happy to accommodate special diets and actively share recipes and ideas for gluten-free and vegan snacks.




Helping to create the snack is a practice of working together to prepare food for oneself and others and then eating a meal together. Children are gaining skills and confidence in many tangible areas, including:

Social Competency
Turn-taking, interdependency, learning what tastes and textures they like, or what their friends and different families eat and like.

Health and Safety
The importance of hand washing, allergies (not all foods are good for all friends), germs, handling kitchen tools respectfully, learning safe kitchen skills, fire safety, etc.

Elements of meals, what gives energy, the role of protein

Measuring, counting, sequencing

Transformation of ingredients, chemical reactions, sequence of events, color changing

Reading recipes, picture referencing, drawings allow small children to grasp the sequencing behind cooking.

Freedom to assemble own (faces/decorative)

Nature Appreciation
What is growing, what is seasonal? How does it grow? What forms can it take? Where does it come from?



While cooking, children learn social competency, math, science, literacy, nutrition, nature appreciation and the joy of creativity. Children create tasty, wholesome snack projects. When children take part in preparing snack, their investment deepens and their anticipation grows. As children handle fresh fruits and vegetables, whether they peel the textured skin from a mandarin orange with their hands or use a potato peeler to strip the browner skin from a carrot, they are learning about the earth and her bounty. And when children engage in more involved food preparations, their learning deepens. As children make snacks, they observe the ingredients, grow curious and delight in both the process and the end result: a meal we get to enjoy sitting together, family style.

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