Involving Children

Snack is an integral part of our curriculum and children are often involved with snack preparation. Children’s involvement deepens their appreciation of food and their relationship to the natural world in which the food grew.


Children learn volumes as they get to smell, taste, measure, mix, cut and prepare ingredients. It’s rewarding and delicious and this is a strength of our program.

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We want children to know applesauce does not just appear in a jar on a shelf at the store. Apples grow on trees in orchards and ripen in late summer/and Fall.


They need to be peeled, cut and cooked to become applesauce. Children enjoy using various kitchen tools including a corer, peeler and slicer to make applesauce. As children are involved with this process they learn that applesauce can be chunky if it’s cut and cooked less, or smooth if it’s blended and cooked more thoroughly. Applesauce can taste just like apples or it can be spiced with cinnamon.


Involving children in their food preparation, cooking and assembling initiates a thoughtful connection to healthy eating, community togetherness, seasonal awareness and meaningful use of precious natural materials.  Less food goes to waste when the children have had the honor of preparing a meal together.  Seeing first hand, whether stirring, adding ingredients, smelling, sampling, or even learning kitchen safety, the children gain a personal understanding of what goes into the process of making their food.

This level of personalized education initiates and builds a love of learning.  Enjoying and seeing the pleasure on their peers faces as they enjoy their freshly prepared food creates a positive, caring, aware and proud community.  It has been an honor to be able to bring seasonal ingredients to school for the children to take part in creating this festive community sharing.

— Iris Nason, M.Ed. and HFP Parent


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