Our Practice

Our PracrticeHFP’s practice combines philosophy with action.

In an age in which teachers are pressured to teach academics, stripping learning from any meaningful context, we value play at the heart of our curriculum.

In an age in which face-to-face time diminishes along with the increase of screen time, we nourish children’s social learning as we assist them in gaining skills to build valuable relationships.

In an age of extreme individualism, we believe in the value of a caring and engaged learning community.

In an age in which parents of young children are exhausted and isolated, we bring families together for meaningful work, social engagement and support.

In an age of oppression– in which some people are disadvantaged, devalued  and/or mistreated due to the effects of institutional oppression– we seek non-sexist, anti-racist, multicultural and anti-bias learning experiences through conversations, activities and materials that celebrate diversity and honor a range of people, cultures and experiences.  We support learning about fairness and unfairness. We support children and families to act against prejudice and/or discriminatory actions..

At a time when there’s a growing awareness of the disregard for our planet, we take seriously our role as stewards of the earth, nurturing children’s connections to the natural world and our responsibility to tread lightly.

 HFP embraces playful learning, community building and promoting equity.