Playschool Subscription

At HFP, we are committed to teaching from an anti-bias perspective. We make a point of sharing about human similarities and differences. We talk about what’s fair and not fair.  And we share examples and ideas about working to make things more fair.

Each Sunday a carefully curated theme-based collection of stories, songs, activities, inspirations, and social activism come to your inbox!

  • Resources emphasize play-based learning, fostering connections to the natural world, celebrating differences and teaching toward change.    
  • Intended for children 3-8 years old with articles, videos and food-for-thought for parents and teachers.
  • Cost: $20-$100/month.  You pick and pay according to your means. 
  • Subscriptions are available to individuals near and far. (You don’t need to reside in Portland to reap the benefits). 


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