We encourage you to join eScrip to support Hawthorne Family Playschool!

eScrip is an easy way for HFP friends and families to contribute towards fundraising without giving any extra money.

How does eScrip work?

Just like Scrip gift cards eScrip rewards customers by contributing a percentage of your purchases to HFP. Shop the way you like to shop for groceries, clothing, travel and entertainment. All you do is register your grocery club card or a debit or credit card(s).

Register today! Its easy and simple.

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on “Sign up”
  3. Enter your basic information and click continue
  4. Search for Hawthorne Family Playschool under “Select school or nonprofit”. You can enter other schools as well!
  5. Register your grocery club cards, credit cards or debit/credit cards.

Thank you!

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