Let’s Fight For Our Future- Check Out Roxanne Gay’s “This Is America”

This piece by Roxanne Gay is a must-read for “progressive” white Americans. I’ve included a few of my favorite excerpts and encourage you to read the full New York Times article: This Is America-The past four years have shattered my faith. But I’m ready to fight for our future. Are you?

The United States is not at all united. We live in two countries. In one, people are willing to grapple with racism and bigotry. We acknowledge that women have a right to bodily autonomy, that every American has a right to vote and the right to health care and the right to a fair living wage. We understand that this is a country of abundance and that the only reason economic disparity exists is because of a continued government refusal to tax the wealthy proportionally.

The other United States is committed to defending white supremacy and patriarchy at all costs. Its citizens are the people who believe in QAnon conspiracy theories and take Mr. Trump’s misinformation as gospel. They see America as a country of scarcity, where there will never be enough of anything to go around, so it is every man and woman for themselves…

At the same time, the past four years have energized me. They have moved me further left from the comfort of left of center. I have become more active and engaged in my community. I find my sociopolitical stances changing toward real progressive values. I am not the same woman I was and I am grateful for that, even if I hate what brought me to this point…

This is America, a country desperately divided, and desperately flawed. The future of this country is uncertain but it is not hopeless. I am ready to fight for that future, no matter what it holds. Are you?

Children’s Books Come to Life! Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices

As the pandemic and/or poor air quality has many parents relying on screentime, it’s increasingly important to share high quality programming and consider who is reflected in the shows our children view. That’s why I’m pleased to share this new series from Netflix:

Stories shape how our children see themselves, and offer them a window into the world beyond their own. Stories show us the power our voices can have, to make a difference, and to incite change.Many of us have turned to books to navigate hard conversations around topics like race, representation and self-love with our kids. And that was the inspiration for our new live-action preschool series, Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices, bringing children’s stories from prolific Black creators centering around themes of identity, respect, justice and action to the screen.

We Must Face Fascist Federal Attacks On Our City

Former HFP Board Member, Dana Buhl, is now the Social Justice Director at The First Unitarian Church of Portland.”Dana has been out on the streets, in the coalition meetings, and organizing her congregation. She says, ‘What’s happening in Portland is a flashpoint that demonstrates where we are locally and as a nation. We’re at a crossroads. Are we going to increase the violent militarized police state, and consolidate authoritarianism and fascism in this country, or are we going to dismantle these systems of white supremacy? Are we going to continue locking up and locking out millions of people, or are we going to decolonize our culture and transform our economy to meet people’s needs, create racial equity, and stop the devastation of our planet?’ ”

Read entire article here: We Must Face Fascist Federal Attacks On Our City