Boost Your Child’s Investment In Covid-Safety

As we continue to live with Covid, it is helpful for children to have experience, comfort and investment in keeping safe.  Here are a few suggestions and resources that may help reinforce the work we’re all trying to do to keep families safe.


  • Invite your child to pick out their own mask.
  • Have a back-up mask on hand for when their mask gets moist. 
  • If your child goes for an animal face mask, consider offering a tail to complete the critter.
  • Include a couple of play masks in circulation with dress-up clothes.
  • Provide a masks for  beloved stuffed animals. 
  • Wearing a mask to school– Social Story pdf. 
  • COVID Social Stories: “Wearing a Mask” -1 min video. 

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Let’s Fight For Our Future- Check Out Roxanne Gay’s “This Is America”

This piece by Roxanne Gay is a must-read for “progressive” white Americans. I’ve included a few of my favorite excerpts and encourage you to read the full New York Times article: This Is America-The past four years have shattered my faith. But I’m ready to fight for our future. Are you?

The United States is not at all united. We live in two countries. In one, people are willing to grapple with racism and bigotry. We acknowledge that women have a right to bodily autonomy, that every American has a right to vote and the right to health care and the right to a fair living wage. We understand that this is a country of abundance and that the only reason economic disparity exists is because of a continued government refusal to tax the wealthy proportionally.

The other United States is committed to defending white supremacy and patriarchy at all costs. Its citizens are the people who believe in QAnon conspiracy theories and take Mr. Trump’s misinformation as gospel. They see America as a country of scarcity, where there will never be enough of anything to go around, so it is every man and woman for themselves…

At the same time, the past four years have energized me. They have moved me further left from the comfort of left of center. I have become more active and engaged in my community. I find my sociopolitical stances changing toward real progressive values. I am not the same woman I was and I am grateful for that, even if I hate what brought me to this point…

This is America, a country desperately divided, and desperately flawed. The future of this country is uncertain but it is not hopeless. I am ready to fight for that future, no matter what it holds. Are you?

Cultural Appropriation in Halloween Costumes…Scary!

“One of the most visible forms of cultural appropriation can be found in Halloween costumes… scary! It is important to keep in mind that culture is NOT a costume. There are many unintended negative effects certain costumes can have. They reduce cultural differences to jokes or stereotypes, perpetuate cultural misinformation, and historical inaccuracies. So before you purchase a costume with a label such as “cultural, ethnic, or tribal” ask yourself- is this cultural appropriation? How can you raise awareness surrounding the racist stereotypes such costumes promote?

 Let’s all Have a happy and #culturalappropriation-free Halloween “🎃– Anti-racist Art Teachers Facebook group