Teacher Susan highly recommends:

Let the Preschoolers Play
Great short editorial in the LA Times about play.

Want to get your kids into college? Let them play
Great affirmation of play-based curriculum from CNN.

Superhero Play in the Early Childhood Classroom: Issues in Banning Play from the Classroom
Issues in Banning Play from the Classroom

Raising Cain: Boys in Focus
Interview with some of the most important experts on boys in America today.

Understanding And Raising Boys
Anyone who spends a lot of time with boys soon sees that most boys are indeed more active than most girls.

Suggested Reading

Seven Books to Ease Separation Anxiety
The title says it all –

The First Day of School:
Dealing with Preschool Separation Anxiety

Articles That Inspire Our Practice

Stone Soup – What does it mean to be a family, anyway?
A great article by Barbara Kingsolver discussing family structures in our modern world.

Playing to Learn
The Obama administration is planning some big changes to how we measure the
success or failure of schools and how we apportion federal money based on those
assessments. It’s great that the administration is trying to undertake reforms, but …

Hand In Hand Changes Lives
Connected Parenting- Listening to children, staying close and making space for the full
range of children’s feelings aids children and parents.

The Current Situation for Parents and the Work of Parenting
The situation for parents is growing more difficult in most countries of the world today,
in spite of technological and material advances in the Western world.

Comment On “Love of Place”
The summer 2009 issue of Rethinking Schools (Vol. 23, No. 4) is dedicated to ecological
teaching. Indeed, it is titled, “Teaching for Environmental Justice.” In this issue, Ann Pelo, an
early childhood teacher and author from Seattle, WA, has an excellent article dealing with …