“Fox, Fox, What Time Is It?”- A Beloved Game that Helps Stretch Social Muscles

By Kimberley Davis, HFP Teacher

“Fox, Fox, What Time Is It?” is a fantastic opportunity for young children to stretch their social muscle and practice sequence of actions. In the process we’re learning how to connect counting to movement as well. This is important because it teaches children to regulate their bodies.

When the children are taking turns being the fox, they get the opportunity to practice important social skills such as stopping, looking, and listening. Whomever is the fox gets to listen for when the group of rabbits asks what time it is. If the fox says a number of hops that can’t be heard, or forgets to hold their fingers up, they must stop and engage carefully with the rabbits in order to make the game successful. We’re naturally practicing patience, turn taking, and intentionally noticing one another in this space.
Secondarily, the children are given the opportunity to practice and repeat a sequence of actions. Sequence of action is important in connecting one to their environment, and making sense of the world. We sequencing in our world every day, be it our coffee making ritual or the pattern of actions performed while getting into our car. Practice sequencing helps us understand patterns and allows the world to be a little more understandable, and therefore a little less scary. 
Lastly, “Fox fox what time is it” is a super fun game almost all children seem to love to play – and it can often end up self-sustaining, without an adult needed! (Especially if your children are 3+)  So next time you’re littles need that big movement, give it a go!

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