Dehumanizing Language Is a Tool of White Supremacy

by Brene Brown

The dehumanization of women.
The dehumanization of Asians.
The dehumanization of sex workers.
The dehumanization around class.
The dehumanization of immigrants.

Dehumanizing language is a radicalizing tool of white supremacy and white evangelical extremism (which are inextricably connected).

Combine a long history of discrimination and bias with leaders who talk about the “Kung Flu” and “grabbing them by the pussy” and you can see the very short distance between our language, our thoughts, and our actions including everything from violence and diminishing that violence with “just having a bad day” to “Well, look what kind of work they did.” 

This is why shame, humiliation, and dehumanizing make the world a more dangerous place for all of us.

We shouldn’t tolerate anyone being shamed, humiliated or dehumanized – even the people who bring out our rage. It’s easier than accountability, it’s a quick way to discharge our anger, and it can even get some “likes” and fist bumps. But, there is no question that dehumanizing makes the world a more dangerous and vicious place for all of us.

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