Bones! We’ve all got bones inside us!

I recently brought in some bones I found on a hike.Children were excited to bury the bones in the sandbox. We took turns hiding and finding them.  Children were eager to handle them, dig holes for them, bury them and uncover them again. 

While many children are aware that dinosaurs have bones, they tend to have less information about other animals having bones– including humans! This week, we’ll play our “Whose bones?” guessing game during circle. We’ll show a skeleton shape and guess which animal it belongs to. 













We will talk about the importance and purpose of own skeletons. I’ll also mention  that one more thing that’s amazing about our human skeletons is that we are the same underneath . No matter what we look like on the outside– no matter what color our eyes, hair and skin are–and no matter where we live, or what we like doing, we’ve got the same human skeletons underneath.  

Check out this “Love Has No Labels” recorded project reminding community members that we’re all the same underneath–regardless of our race, gender, access to wealth and more. This is the perfect video to enjoy for Valentines!

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