Powerful Words, Important Voices.

Image: VoxAlt JAMES RHEE

Using words to share wishes, thoughts and ideas is essential to co-creating the world we desire. Humans need ongoing support to help identify our feelings, wishes and ideas. Young children need lots of practice to express themselves fully, and they need support to act from their best places of engagement. As we each work to know ourselves, to ground ourselves and to use our voices to advocate for ourselves, family, friends and neighbors, we can co-create life experiences we desire. We can overcome challenging distress patterns and feelings that may otherwise interfere with having a big life and stepping toward our big ideas.

Those targeted by oppression (females, people who are BIPOC, LGBTQ, neurodiverse or have differing abilities) face greater obstacles in having their voices heard. This week’s stories focuses on three different girls overcoming obstacles to access their most powerful selves.

Both of these powerful picture books feature children who overcome challenges and effectively use their voices. In the first story, Willow’s quiet voice is often not heard. Her whispering voice and shyness impede her ability to get her needs met.  With practice and support, Willow finds and uses her big voice! 

The second story is based on the true story of Kamala and Maya–when Vice President Kamala Harris and her sister were children. They’ve got a BIG idea of having a slide outside their building and they work hard together to make it happen. They talk to lots of people– including the landlord of their building– draw pictures and write a letter. They use their words and passion to make their big idea a reality!

Craft: Make a Microphone

  • Use a paper towel roll or a toilet paper roll.
  • Decorate it with stickers, paper and markers to make your own microphone.

The text and ideas shared in this blog post are excerpted from this past week’s curriculum subscription. Playschool subscriptions include curated stories, activities, crafts, videos, artwork, suggested outings, parenting resources, and a suggested activism around a particular theme. 

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