Visit and Save RBG Street Art


A couple of week’s ago we included an invitation to go check out “All Rise”– the street art of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg with boxing gloves!  (NE 27th and NE Bryce in Portland).We encouraged families to use the visit as an opportunity to talk about RBG’s legacy, leave flowers and/or bring chalk to add your own message. A few families explored and added their own messages. 


“Together, we stood before this massive, stunning portrayal of Ruth, briefly discussed her remarkable life and talked about what various features of the painting might be conveying, including her boxing gloves and the scales of justice on her earrings. Then, my oldest turned to me and said, ‘thank you for bringing us here, Mom’ and my heart melted. After that, we added our own chalk art and messages inspired by Ruth to the others nearby. We wrote, ‘RBG taught me that I can do it!’ and ‘I Am Strong.’ It was an incredibly powerful and empowering experience.” – Meghan Goldman, current HFP parent.
There has been a call to remove this creative expression honoring RBG’s legacy. 
Call Portland City  Commissioner Chloe Eudaly to voice support of the mural and oppose the call  to having it removed.  503-823-4682

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