We Must Face Fascist Federal Attacks On Our City

Former HFP Board Member, Dana Buhl, is now the Social Justice Director at The First Unitarian Church of Portland.”Dana has been out on the streets, in the coalition meetings, and organizing her congregation. She says, ‘What’s happening in Portland is a flashpoint that demonstrates where we are locally and as a nation. We’re at a crossroads. Are we going to increase the violent militarized police state, and consolidate authoritarianism and fascism in this country, or are we going to dismantle these systems of white supremacy? Are we going to continue locking up and locking out millions of people, or are we going to decolonize our culture and transform our economy to meet people’s needs, create racial equity, and stop the devastation of our planet?’ ”

Read entire article here: We Must Face Fascist Federal Attacks On Our City


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