Teachers Demand Safety as Trump Pushes Schools to Reopen- Democracy Now Article

As we consider the impacts of the pandemic and the challenges of returning to school, there are many equity issues in play.  This Democracy Now article highlights a few.

“I Love My Students. I Also Want to Live”: Teachers Demand Safety as Trump Pushes Schools to Reopen (full article)

Excerpt: “I think that it’s time to redefine what public safety means. Is public safety police brutalizing Black and Brown communities, or is public safety making sure the 150 homeless kids that attend my high school have a place to sleep at night? Right? Is public safety about police in every school building, or is public safety making sure there’s a counselor and a nurse and trauma counseling and restorative justice in every school? Right? And is public safety federal troops in our cities, or is it COVID testing for all of our youth and educators?

And I resoundingly want to side with the folks that say we need to make sure that the money is flowing towards these social programs, instead of to the police and, really, to bailing out the richest folks in this country. I mean, this government could find $1.5 trillion to bail out the financial sector and corporations, but we don’t have the money for personal protective equipment for teachers and students? It’s outrageous.” Jesse Hagopian, Seattle Teacher and editor of Rethinking Schools

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