Sign Petition: Racism Is A Public Health Threat

If you don’t want to read the lead up, and just want to click on the link to sign, here it is:
For those who want more context…
Leslie Gregory is my bad&%# primary care provider. As a Black woman and medical practitioner for 20 years, she has a deep understanding of the health effects of racism. It’s only been recently that I’ve fully understood her advocacy. 
I happened to have an appointment with her one of the days that Iran and the US were escalating tensions. She connected some dots, and specifically asked about the stress caused by being part of one of the targeted groups in the last three years. This was the first time my ethnicity had ever been addressed in a medical setting in consideration of my whole well being. I remember thinking how thoughtful it felt to be acknowledged that way, and also, I clocked my (mostly) white privilege, thinking how I can’t imagine what stressors are incurred by a Black woman on the daily. If she was worried about the effect of racialized stress on MY health, I imagined the concerns for brown and Black folks would be significantly greater.
After 6+ months, I was back in her office, and I learned about this petition and the cause she’s been championing for over a decade. She was writing letters and making phone calls to the CDC 10 years ago and was effectively gaslit. This petition is hoping to take renewed energy into the cause and get the CDC to call a spade a spade: racism is public health threat. Naming it is the first step in developing a treatment. 
Thanks for considering! And if you’re so moved, please feel free to forward and link as you see fit. 
With love and solidarity,
Mitra, former HFP president

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