No. Stop. That’s Not Fair. An Activist Chant for Children

In our preschool, we have come to use a chant in response to something that is not fair. When we know an action is hurtful, wrong or oppressive, we say, “No. Stop. That’s not fair.”  An action accompanies each word to help children embody each declaration.

“No.” (Shake head side-to-side).

“Stop.”  (Palm  out with five fingers spread out).

“That’s not fair.” (Hands on hips).

Using this chant is one concrete way we address the 3rd and 4th goals of Anti-Bias Education

Anti-Bias Education Goals:

  1. Identity– Nurture children’s self-awareness, family pride and identity.
  2. Justice– Assist children to recognize what is fair and unfair.
  3. Diversity–Nourish children’s comfort and joy related to human diversity.
  4. Activism– Support children to stand up for themselves and others. 

To learn more read: Understanding Anti-Bias Education: Bringing the Four Core Goals to Every Facet of Your Curriculum

Thanks to HFP parents for sharing clips of your child practicing the chant at home. Thanks to Sara Ziniewicz Michelman for creating the video. 

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