Texting with Duckling and His Mama

With schools closed, teachers across the county are missing our students. We are reaching for our friends in whatever ways we can. And teachers like me,who run tech-free classrooms, are suddenly deeply grateful for an array of technological options to keep in touch with the children we  sorely miss. Kimberley (HFP’s assistant teacher) gives me the perfect opportunity to circle back with A who was a duckling during our last Zoom class

Kimberley shares a photo of some ducks in the parking lot adjacent to her home. They make me think of our preschool buddy and his cardboard brick egg structure. So I text the photo to A’s mom, Natalie, and copy Kimberley.

Me: Hello! When we saw you yesterday, you were a duckling 🐥in an egg 🥚 built out of blocks! So I thought of you when Kimberley sent me this photo of a couple of friends taking a rest in the Goodwill parking lot next to her house. 

Natalie: He was thrilled to get a message from you and laughed pretty hard at the ducks. He asked me to take a picture of him in an egg and send it to you.

Kimberley: Oh hi little duckling! Quack quack ♥️🦆

I’m grateful for this simple exchange briefly bridging home to school,  family to teacher and text to heart. 

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