“Home To Me” Grassy Narrows Fist Nation

This is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. it’s time to care for our planet and all living beings on it– now more than ever.  I’m sharing “Home To Me” by Grassy Narrows First Nation. Indigenous peoples have been the leading role models, voices and advocates for preserving clean water, fighting for land rights and preserving the sanctity of Earth.  

Here’s “an honest glimpse into a community stripped of clean drinking water and continuous battle against deforestation. The words, the voices and the faces tell a story of hope as the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation look towards a better future.”


Credits: Sharice Bruce, Dylan Fobister, Jimi Fobister, Preston Paul, Darwin Fobister, Janessa Kejick, Damien Kejick, Ashley Fobister, Linda Fobister, Paul Cedric Oteskan, Edmond Jack & Josh Bigblood.

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N’we Jinan is a non-profit organization that develops, implements, and executes artistic and educational programs in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities and schools. This growing roster of programs, including a mobile recording studio, professional artist teaching residencies, and a year-end cross-country festival celebrates and showcases Indigenous voices.

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