Resource for Talking to Children About Their Experiences & Feelings with Covid-19

Here’s a recommeneded resource to use when talking with children about their experiences and feelings related to COVID-19. It’s wild to stop our usual activities. Most children have never heard about serious viruses or the need to shelter in place. Children and famlies have some challenging feelings about the disruption.These printable resources may help.

The story may be denser than most young children will care about upon initial exposure. Caregivers can introduce the story in a simplified manner and wait to hear children’s comments and questions before sharing more details. 

Piplo Productions’s Mission: “Help children and families recover after stressful or traumatic events by using story, clinical psychology and cute characters.”

Sharing a printable story, accompanying resource for parents and a feelings chart. 

Thanks to HFP parent, Joycelyn Durant, MA, LPC of for sharing this wonderful resource.

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