Let’s Hold Each Other Up


During this week’s children’s Zoom groups, I shared the simple, poignant and beautifully illustrated children’s story book “You Hold Me Up.” The book outlines everyday ways families and friends show love and support.

Caring interactions are always at the foundation of children’s learning, but in this time of upheaval, stress and quarantine, I appreciate the reminders of what is truly important–sustaining relationships. While some worry children may fall academically behind during school closures; and others are consumed with concerns about the economy or falling stock market; I’m grateful for Monique Gray Smith & Danielle Daniel’s efforts to focus attention on what makes us human. As we elevate our connections, we’ll be in a better position to address the ongoing abuses of people targeted by oppression. We can do that in part, as we consider ways to hold each other up.

After reading the book, families might consider inviting their child to name the specific ways their family hold each other up. This could be a natural launch to making a gratitude book or journal. Parents and children might draw, write, paint or sculpt ways their family holds each other up when they are KIND, SHARE, LEARN, PLAY, LAUGH, SING, COMFORT, LISTEN, RESPECT each other. 

Video: “You Hold Me Up” Author’s Note: Monique Gray Smith shares the harsh backdrop of harm done to indigenous children, families and communities in Canada. She’s written this book to “remind us of our common humanity and the importance of holding each other up.”

Video: Monique Gray Smith Reads “You Hold Me Up”

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