Care and Connection Is Critical in Crisis

The best parenting, teaching and care for children is always based in connection. Our thoughtful, invested, loving relationships with our children is what enables children to thrive. This is true in smooth, easy going times and it is critical in times of crisis. Kali Thorne Ladd, Executive Director of Kairos PDX created a 4 minute video to address the “science of success” and how children learn and thrive. During times of adverse experiences, it’s particularly important to think about how stress impact our children. There’s hope! We can help build resiliency in our children. Check out Thorne Ladd’s  Video: We’re in This Together. 

At HFP, we’ll continue to create opportunities for care and connection for children and parent alike. We’ll offer

  • Daily children’s Zoom groups featuring songs, books, activities, games and check-ins.
  • Resources for parents (via our blog and resource page) to deepen connections between home and school. 
  • Parenting support Zoom groups to lean into one another.

We’re in this together. We’ve got this!

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