Predictable Routines & Visual Schedules Will Help During Quarantine

Having predictable routines will likely support families during the extended school closure. “Predictable routines send a message to children’s brains that the world is safe and secure— a critical step to reduce anxiety, which can keep kids up at night.” (Mindshift)

Visual schedules give children a clear idea of what the sequence and expectations of the day are. As I’ve chatted with HFP parents, I’ve learned that having a flow of the day without specific times attached feels more authentic and flexible. Thanks to Katie, Cyan and Theresa for sharing the schedules they use in their homes. 

Daily Flow

🌅 Wake up/Cuddle 🤗
🍽 Breakfast/Vitamins 💊
🧘🏼‍♀️ Workout/Yoga
🧩 Free play downstairs
(Mama clean, coffee and shower)
🍎 Snack/Dress, brush teeth and hair 👕
☀️ Outside play
🍽 Lunch
📺 Show
🧩 Free play downstairs
(Mama clean and laundry)
🍎 Snack
🚲 Outside time/Walk Layla 🐶
📚 Reading
🖍 Writing and art at kitchen table 🎨
🔪 Help with dinner
🍽 Dinner
🛁 Bedtime routine
🛏 Sleep

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