Lowering Parenting Expectations During Times of Stress

Parenting during a pandemic clearly poses additional challenges to an already demanding job. It’s normal to feel increased stress, anxiety and/or disappointment– for parents and children alike. We deserve whatever supports we can get. We need space to have our feelings. And we could all use a little tenderness. I think Lower Your Expectations, And Other Parenting Advice For The Era of COVID-19 ” merits attention. Here are the headings she addresses:
  • What parents do can contribute to children’s anxiety
  • How to tell if kids or parents are not coping well in this crisis
  • Get help to stay out of isolation
  • Check-in with your kids
  • Lower your expectations for yourself
  • A simple way to “loosely” schedule children’s days
  • Push back at work:
  • This is not business as usual

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