Moving Statues– A Game You Can Play At Home

Children love this because they have the upper hand, tricking the adult gardener. Try it!

By Kimberley Davis, HFP Teaching Assistant

Moving statues is a gross motor game I came up with on the spot, when I noticed a large group of older (4-5 year old) children exploring stop/start movements and control. It’s simple.  One person is “the gardener” and the others are “moving statues.” The objective is for the statues to practice control by only moving when the gardener isn’t looking, but as soon as the gardener turns around they become statues again! Eventually the gardener realizes these aren’t “real” statues and we all go back to the beginning to play again! Stop/start movements help children with whole body control and spatial recognition, so this is a game that is great anytime anyone needs to get the wiggles out. Enjoy! 


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