Parenting During a Pandemic: Self-Care Tips

Guest Blogger Liz Eisman, LMT, E-RYT,

We are all facing challenges unlike any before. Most folks are feeling activated, uncertain, and overwhelmed. This makes sense. The protection and well-being of ourselves is entwined with the protection and well-being of everyone else. We are witnessing the impact of our interconnectedness. If you’re parenting children, it’s essential you care for yourself so you can effectively care for your children.

Self-Care Tips

Move your body. 
Any time you move your body and shift your posture, you shift your physiology.  Any time you shift your physiology, you shift the activity of your nervous system and its state of excitement.

  • Wean yourself from news and social media. 
    Take in only enough to stay abreast of new facts. For me that’s a quick look in the morning, and another quicker look in the evening. Remember the news almost always reports the worst and the negative.


  • Feel your emotions. 
    Emotions are never wrong. We all have the right to feel scared, sad, angry, hopeless, happy, or anything else. Give yourself and everyone else some time to vent. Find empathy for yourself and others.  Use this resource to identify your feelings & needs.       




  • Focus on what is working & what you are grateful for.
    It’s likely that you are in a better situation and have more privilege than many or most. Perhaps it’s the size of your house, a loving and safe family, financial security, high speed internet, lots of devices. If we’re fortunate in any of these ways, let’s be sure we don’t take it for granted.


  • Keep the big picture in mind.
    Assess what is most important in the moment and make choices that fit with your larger values. Focus on  the physical and emotional health of yourself & the people you are in contact.


  • Remain connected.
    We need each other more than ever. Social distancing cannot equal social isolation. 

It is essential that we all work to decrease the barriers to connection by grounding ourselves in the present moment.

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