Blooms – Spring Equinox

As we enter this time of uncertainty, we can take comfort in the growth and birth around us. As we move from the dark of winter into the light of spring, we can delight in the natural world waking up around us.  And as we shift temporarily from sharing our days in-person, we can find new ways to stay connected even while schools are on hiatus.

This past week was a radically different week for our preschool friends. Instead of playing, joking, eating, painting, singing, running, climbing, digging and sculpting together in our vibrant classroom, we “met” in small groups online.  Each of our initial Zoom gatherings were unique, precious and a surreal. After Kimberley and I checked in with each child/family, meeting their pets, seeing favorite toys and/or seeing project children were working on, we had a quasi mini-cirlce time. I named that it is springtime and I showed some clippings of the daffodils, camellia and daphne currently blooming in my yard. Then I gave children an assignment–to find what’s blooming near their home. I told them I had been seeing squirrels scampering around my yard. In celebration, we sang “Squirrel, squirrel” pretending to wrinkle up our little squirrel noses. Before saying goodbye, I challenged everyone to see how many squirrels they could find in their neighborhoods.




 Thanks to Sara Ziniewicz Michelman for gathering the children’s photos. 

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