Rainbow Week- We’re More Colorful Together!

Given the ever-changing skies on  our last field trip, we lucked into a magical day in which some children saw as many as four rainbows! Excitement about this natural phenomenon led us to focus on rainbows in the classroom. We offer a wide array of colorful materials to explore. As we continue to prompt cooperation, connection and relationship-building, we notice that while each color of the rainbow is distinct and beautiful, the rainbow is only complete with all the colors shining bright together. 

Collaborative Collage

In another effort to encourage cooperative play, we offer collage materials for artists to complete a giant rainbow together. We introduce the word “collaborative,” adding to our lexicon of teamwork. Many children choose and add  their favorite color to the rainbow. As more children join the project, adding  their favorite colors, the creation comes to life. 

Family Share Prompt: Rain, sunshine, rain and more sunshine often makes rainbows! What’s your favorite color?

Family Share Prompt: Fruit comes in an entire rainbow of colors. What is your favorite fruit?


Here are a couple of our favorite rainbow-themed books:

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