Firefighters Visit Our Classroom


It is never too early to start to talk about fire safety with our children. To help aid in that discussion and give the children real life, safe exposure to fire fighters and fire safety we invited two members of the Portland Fire Department to come talk with our classes. When we reached out to schedule firefighters to visit, we specifically requested a female firefighter. We know children learn what they see and experience and we wanted them to see a powerful woman who is physically able to assume the responsibilities of fire rescue. Firefighter Liz did not disappoint. She connected individually with children before and after the circle time presentation and she jokingly showed us her muscles, bending each bicep– one made from broccoli and the other from bananas. 

IF a child is ever in a fire, there are a few things to know to keep safe – Here is a video showing some of what the Firefighters shared with the class.



  • “Stay Low and Go”- In a fire, there’s smoke. It’s not safe to breathe. Getting down low and crawling to an exit is the way to keep safe. 
  • Don’t Hide – Be loud like a lion and shout, “I’m here!”
  • Don’t rescue animals.  Just get safely away from the fire. That’s the firefighters’ job. 
  • Accident scenario at a camp fire roasting marshmallows. If your pants start to catch on fire, “Stop, Drop and Roll” to put out the flames.




We practice fire safety all year long at HFP.  One of the ways we do that is with monthly fire drills. We make this experience feel safe and fun by singing songs about fire safety. Here is a video from earlier in the year! 


High Fives all around! A Huge thank you to the Portland Fire Department! 

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