PSU Intern Enriches Learning Experiences for All

HFP has the good fortune of partnering with college students. Recently we were blessed with a dedicated, creative, loving and devoted international intern student from Portland State University. All who were lucky enough to connect, play and learn with Selina Tsung are much better off for it!


From Selina: “I have truly enjoyed learning about a teacher assistant’s role at HFP, and I have had an amazing time working with and getting to know each of you and your children. 

In my time with children together, we learned how to play with others, share what we know, and explore something new. We also learned how to deal with conflict and share our feelings. Most of our days were filled with excitement, learning and laughing. 

A big thanks to Susan and Kimberly! Thank you so much for the support, guidance and encouragement you have provided for me! I have witnessed how both of you truly work in collaboration with each other and parents to ensure the development and growth of each child. 

Before leaving I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout my practicum. I will miss Hawthorne Family Playschool, this is a great community and I will surely take these experiences with me. I wish every family all the best and hope that every child can grow healthily and happily. I hope our paths will cross again. ‘I wish you well, I wish you well, all HFP families, I wish you well…’ ” 

From Kimberley, HFP’s Teaching Assistant: “Working side by side with Selina in the classroom was nothing short of a joy. Her peaceful and compassionate demeanor was pleasant and grounding everyday she stepped foot at HFP.  I will miss observing the gentle and free way Selina interacted with the children, how they loved to be near her, and how she would kindly engage them with sincerity. We will miss you sweet Selina! Here’s to you and your next adventure! Thank you for choosing us.”

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