Gratitude Bread: Giving Thanks and More

Last week we invited children to share what they’re grateful for. We considered the people, animals, places, activities and foods we love. Then we wrote those gratitudes on tiny pieces of parchment paper and baked them into our rolls and bread sticks. At snack, each child got to reveal one surprise message– something someone in our group deeply values. This simple activity generated lots of excitement and supported our focus of noticing and appreciating the myriad riches in our lives. 


Centering Indigenous Voices

Here’s a music video for the whole family in honor of Native Heritage Month: N’we Jinan Artists- “Firemakers”/ Lac La Croix First Nation, Ontario.

Decolonizing Thanksgiving Is An Oxymoron – Kids Books Dismantling The Myth of a ‘First Thanksgiving

Teach your kids the truth of Thanksgiving – modeling generosity and gratitude all year long – but don’t whitewash the violent history of colonization.

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