Children’s Books About Babies

     “Seeing yourself is almost like a message saying, ‘You matter. You are visible. And you are valuable. “

-Christian Robinson, children’s picture book illustrator

Children love books and learn from them. They take in messages conveyed in picture books about who is valued and important. The repetition of stories from a single or limited perspective inadvertently reinforces biases and stereotypes. That’s why it’s essential that we prioritize diversifying our children’s libraries–an essential component of an anti-bias education.

This is particularly important in programs like HFP in which the majority of enrolled families are white, native English speakers, two parent hetero families who are reflected in dominant culture. As we de-center whiteness,  and we make a point of sharing the stories and experiences of children and families that are too often marginalized and dismissed, we’re helping raise our white children with a clearer sense of their place in the world. Not the “norm,” not the “standard,” not “better than,” but rather a valued part of the human family– as should every human being be.

As we have been learning about and delighting in babies, we’re reaching for inclusive language and sharing a broad range of stories of how babies are welcomed into a range of loving families.

Here are a few of our favorite books about babies:



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