A Surprise Visitor



I set out a forest floor puzzle as provocation to continue talking about the animals we love, and to consider how we can protect their natural habitats. Piecing together deer, raccoon and rabbits would provide an opportunity to continue sharing stories of the NW wildlife we love and to consider what they need to thrive. To my surprise, a real NW critter had slithered into our classroom. A slug meandered across the rug adjacent to the boxed puzzle– almost as it if it had come to life!  Delighted, I added a  message to our dry erase board welcoming children: Come meet a surprise guest– a NW critter  that slithered into our room!

We set out magnifying glasses and invited those interested to take a closer look! Some children gently helped our slug friend back during it’s repeated attempted escapes. After a few more minutes of investigation, we returned the slug to the grassy patch just outside our classroom window.

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