Home Visits: Setting a Relational Foundation

“Before classes start at HFP, new students and their families have a home visit with Teacher Susan. This wonderful opportunity gives the children a chance to share who they are, who they love, what they like, and where they come from with their teacher. Together, they play music. They make creations out of clay. They share favorite stories – all the while building important relationships, which ease the transition as well as form the social fabric of our school.” – Laura Chu, Blog Editor



“The home visit was the key piece for A. He was so excited the night before, he could barely sleep. He showed Teacher Susan his favorite books in his room – including a book on gorillas. He now giggles and tells me a particular gorilla in his book has hair just like teacher Susan. No doubt, an inside joke among them. He showed her the tomatoes he’s been growing this summer and showed off for her on the trampoline. After she left, he was beaming. How special he felt that his teacher came to spend time with just him. The first day of school, he was excited and nervous but he was also eager to see Teacher Susan and the other kids. As a parent, leaving my child in someone else’s care for the first time was scary. For us, the home visit created a gentle and thoughtful transition into preschool. ” – Natalie, Parent





“Relationships are at the foundation of HFP’s curriculum. We understand that each child needs to be known, valued and reflected in order to fully thrive and learn. I’m grateful that we delay the start of classes to allow me time to meet individually with newly enrolling families. The tone, activity and flavor of home visits vary – depending on what’s going on for each child and family. I get to meet beloved pets, learn about favorite toys and activities, note similarities between home and school, and connect with each family. It is a blessing to get a tiny glimpse of the love, joy and activity in each home before we convene at school in a larger group. ” – Susan, Classroom Teacher




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