Baskets and Bellies Full of Berries

“This is hands-on, sensory learning at its finest,”-Bronwen Martin, HFP Alumni Parent

In celebration of our last days of school, we return to the vast skies and fields of Sauvie Island. Many of us recall coming here in the Fall when we were just getting to know each other while picking pumpkins! The seasons have changed, friendships have formed, and strawberries are ready to be plucked. At HFP, we are committed to cultivating our connection to the earth. Visiting the farm lets children see the source of our food. Their curiosity is fed by seeing, touching, smelling and tasting the bounty of the land. 


Low branches make ideal climbing trees. Some children recount balancing on the giant fallen tree at our Tryon Creek field trip.


Families gather for circle beneath the shade of fruit trees before venturing to pick strawberries.




Some are reminded that tractors are used for daily farm work. The tractor is busy when it’s time for one of our classes to start picking, so the farmer escorts us down the dusty trail to the strawberry patch.






Munching on strawberry deliciousness!








Thanks to all the families who invested in our community this year! Here’s to a safe, fulfilling, berry-rich summer and lots of fun at summer park dates. We welcome enrolled, graduating and alumni families–along with curious families or friends– to play with us at Summer Park Dates. Join us! 

*Thanks to previous HFP Blog Editor, Bronwen Martin, for supplying text for some of this post.

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