Wheel Week: Ready, Set, Roll!


We indulged in a week of wheel-themed activities, culminating in a Wheel Day for each class. We took over the entire parking lot to ride a variety of bikes, scooters and cars. 

Driving Cars Through Paint



Bikes, Scooters & Wheelchair Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a rarity at HFP so they were a big hit. We offered a range of wheeled images including children riding on bikes and people in wheelchairs. We don’t currently have anyone in our school community who uses a wheel chair so this offered us an opportunity to talk about the value of wheel chairs– to allow someone who is not able to walk to  move from  point A to point B, similar to a bike or scooter.



Wheeled Toys in the Block Area


In addition to our usual set of toy cars, we added wagons and bikes and children took turns giving figurines rides. While waiting for a turn challenged many at the beginning of the school year, it’s clear we’ve had lots of practice. Children negotiated turn-taking with little support, grace and ease. 

Scooter Boards



Vehicle Sewing Cards & Snacks to Refuel


Wheel-themed books and pictures 

We include a range of images of people on bikes, broadening the representation beyond those in our current community. Below three children notice and discuss a picture of a man in China transporting a huge load of items on his bike. 


Here are a few of our favorite wheel-themed books:

    Image result for gretchen the bicycle dog


Ride like the wind!

We closed the parking lot to cars so we had oodles of space to ride! Children got to share their physical prowess, take on challenges of riding two-wheeled bikes and ride safely going a single direction to avoid accidents.


Taking Turns


A couple of families brought in extra riding toys and scooters to try out. Children tried those and traded turns on their trusty bikes.

Bouncing Back After a Fall

Photo: Stephanie comforts a child who took a spill. 

As children took on physical challenges, there were a couple of falls. In each incident, we made space to tell the story of what happened; allow the child to fully feel their upset , receive comfort  and care-taking from a trusted adult, and have the time and space they needed to re-join the festivities.  

Tickets for Teamwork


We played a cooperative game in which each child was awarded a ticket for completing a loop. Each time they passed by, they put a ticket in our collective jar until we filled the jar! This generated lots of enthusiasm, pride and eager participants, while circumventing the emphasis of winning and being faster than or “better” than others. Each child took on their own personal challenge while helping us accomplish our group goal. Most powered a riding toy that best suited them, while a couple of children ditched their bikes and joined in running. 


On Friday, we got to meet a group of adult bicyclists from the Fuller Bike Adventure who were preparing for a 4,000 mile summer ride to raise funds to build affordable housing. What a wonderful way to end our wheel week!

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