It’s Rainbow Weather!

We’re celebrating rainbow season! The temperatures have risen and we’re delighting in the intermittent rain and sunshine, knowing they make rainbows possible.

Family Share

Morning Question: What is one of your favorite colors of the rainbow? Each child writes their name in the arc of the rainbow color they most appreciate.  We notice who likes the same colors and which friends like other colors. 


Once each child has a couple of days to pick favorite colors, we invite children to add puffy clouds. The simple task of squeezing glue bottles and adhering cotton balls engrosses those involved.


The broad array of color lends itself to some vibrant, energetic paintings. Some children paint by themselves while others partner with a friend.


Sensory Table

We invite children to make clouds and rainbows. This mucky experiment combines  ivory soap flakes, torn toilet paper and warm water. It’s thrilling for children to shred the soap, and tear or karate chop the toilet paper. As we add warm water, the consistency dramatically changes and the mush is sculptable. After a class session of exploring the white cloud colors, we add pipettes of watercolors and watch the transformation.






Collaborative Art

We offer a collaborative class collage opportunity. Together we use dot markers and a range of colored textured fabrics to bring the rainbow outline to life.


Parents support our rainbow focus by bringing in a wide range of produce. There is so much joy in helping prepare and arrange the colorful bounty the earth offers.




Play Yard

We hang our rainbow “storm streamers” to adorn the sandbox and get out an array of colored dishes. Our rain barrel provides scoop after scoop of water to make mud pies! 


At the end of one of our mornings together, we notice that rainbow weather is brewing: the sun is sparkling and dark clouds are on the horizon. Children staying after school for “lunch bunch” abort their outdoor picnic, bringing their half-eaten lunches inside.  They tell me, “A big storm is coming! ” We talk about how these are the ideal conditions for rainbows.  I tell them to keep their eyes out for rainbows over the next couple of days and to let me know if they get to see one.  Later that afternoon, I get a text from T and her mom. They live in SE not far from the school. “We just saw a rainbow! ” complete with rainbow emoji and the photo below. 

Thanks to HFP Alumni parent/Teaching Assistant, Hillary Montouri for her support with Rainbow themed curriculum planning. 

Thanks to teaching assistant, Stephanie Hart, for co-facilitating our rainbow exploration.

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