Valentine Activities that Honor Relationships

To honor the spirit of Valentine’s, we invite our beloved grown-ups to write invisible love notes for children to decode. At drop-off, parents write a message using a white oil pastel. Children reveal the messages as they paint with water colors over the page. What a thrilling way to nourish literacy enthusiasm!






The Easel has giant heart-shaped Valentines for children to paint and dedicate. When J finishes their painting, C comes over to admire it.

As the morning progresses, two friends’ connection and silliness verges on rowdy. A third child was tempted to join in. Just as they are revving up, we invite them to hull strawberries using straws for our red-themed Valentine’s Snack. This task demands their full focus and shifts their attention. As they work together, they note their success at removing tops and plop them into the compost bin. Simple activities like this further strengthen our shared collaboration and community.

Hulling Strawberries With a Straw

1. Poke a straw through the bottom end of the berry.
2. Push straw up until hull comes out.
3. Pull off any remaining leaves.
Ready to munch!

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