Winter Brings Snow, Ice & Story Prompts

The recent Winter weather provides the backdrop for snow and ice exploration. As the snow, ice and rain descend on Portland, we mirror the outside world in our classroom interest areas.

After reading The Snow Rabbit by Camille Garoche –a wordless account of two children venturing outdoors to sculpt and ride on a giant snow rabbit– we invite children to imagine what kind of snow animal they’d like to ride on and where they’d like to go. We build on these prompts to write snow stories together. 

Image result for the snow rabbit

Children are invited to paint snowy backdrops to their stories using brushes, snowflake stamps and/or fork stamping to mimic a snowflake patterns.


We transform the block table into a snowy wonderland and fill the sensory table with arctic icebergs so children can continue storytelling as they imagine what these creatures might be up to.


As we head outdoors, we notice the special places in our play yard that hold icy magic. 



The banister is a slide with icicles at the bottom and the rain chain holds frozen pools between each cup.


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