Welcoming Winter with Pajama Days

Reading in Bed

At HFP, we’ve got a wide array of amazing picture books. We rotate in new books from the Multnomah County Library each week, seeking to include diverse characters, representing stories similar to those of families in our immediate community as well as stories that differ from our children’s experiences. What could be more fun than cozying up with a buddy to read a new book? Snuggling in bed with a stack of books! We transformed our book area into a giant bed for pajama days.


Painting with Toothbrushes

As we consider bedtime rituals and routines, we chat about the importance of dental hygiene. And then, we include a funny tool for painting–toothbrushes! Using toothbrushes varies the feel and brush-marks on paper, creating an interesting kinesthetic edge to a daily activity. 

Pajama Day Songs at Circle

Breakfast for Snack!

Children loved choosing cereal options. We munched and crunched and munched some more.

All of our usual activities, of building, puzzling, and scultping playdough “cookies” are that much more fun when wearing cozy pajamas.

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