Pizza Party

Sometimes the best teaching involves changing plans. In this case, the change included an impromptu field trip to our neighborhood pizza place.

We took advantage of our small class grouping and made plans for Pizza Parties– some pizza play in our classroom and then a walk to HotLips Pizza.

In anticipation of the outing ahead we had a pizza party which morphed into a “pretend birthday party/dance party.” Children called in pizza phone orders, dressed up for the festivities, requested dance music for the party and made invitations for friends to attend. 

We donned our field trip badges, heading to HotLips Pizza. On our way, we took turns playing I-spy, listened to our echoing voices in the Safeway garage, and tried some body challenges (such as jumping jacks). 

Once we finished our slices, we gathered in small groups for a couple of our favorite games including “Hoot, Owl, Hoot” – a cooperative game in which we try and get the owls safely back to their nest before the sun rises. We also enjoyed variations of the card game, Uno.

At pick-up, parents joined with younger siblings for lunch and to try out the pinball games.


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