Fall Curriculum Email to Families

Dear Families,
Head’s-up that we’ll share childhood memories from Fall/Autumn. I’ll invite you to recall what you liked to do, eat and play when you were a child during this season.
For many, Fall, Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an ideal time to
  • Touch on what is spooky, unnerving and scary. 
  • Play with personas, costumes and disguises. 
  • Think about death, decay and regeneration, as the leaves fall to the ground and skeletons decorate houses.
  • Revere magical creatures such as bats and witches (and their skills & connections with the earth to bring healing).
I will add props in the classroom that lend themselves to children exploring and experimenting with these topics, including skeletons, skulls, spiders, bats for children to play with, make art out, and discuss.
You can anticipate upcoming Family Shares that centers on 
  • Fears and what we do to find comfort.
  • Costumes and what we like about the costume (often uncovering a power or access to something we can’t usually do–ie. fly, breathe fire, be so sparkly/fancy, etc).
  • Death/saying goodbye to a pet or sharing what we know about death.
I’ll include grown-ups, inviting you to share something that you feared when you were a child OR a costume you really liked wearing. Our adult stories are helpful for our children to hear– both as modeling and as a way for them to better know their beloved adults.

T 10/30 and W 10/31
Children are welcome to wear costumes to school in celebration of Halloween. I’ll dress-up and encourage Classroom Helpers to dress up as well. Note that costumes may get dirty as we play indoors and outdoors.Please support your child in wearing something that they will be warm and comfortable in, and please steer children away from particular commercial “characters” and anything scary. We’ll also have extra dress-up clothes and wigs for children or parent helpers who would like to use them. If you have any uncertainty about whether or not a costume is appropriate, please check in with me.
Do you like the idea of trick or treating but dread the candy? You might want to consider the “switch witch” ritual: Children trick-or-treat and collect candy.They then gather the candy and make an offering to the switch witch (who loves candy!) in trade for a surprise toy/gift so parents don’t have to deal with all the sugar and children still get the the thrill of dressing-up and collecting treats.
Plus, we’ll be having banana ghost pops for snack!
If you have suggestions or questions about our classroom curriculum, please let me know.

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