Interview with Teacher Susan

HFP’s Teacher Susan was recently interviewed for Life as an Early Childhood Educator blog.  She shares her thoughts, motivations and passions behind the awesome work she does as an early childhood educator.  Below are some of her excepts from the interview. You can read the full interview here.

“I would like to create social change so that children’s experiences are truly valued, their parents and teachers are better supported to fully meet children’s needs, and a social justice curriculum is embraced nationwide. I would like to teach differently from the beginning.”

“I love the variety of what I get to do as a preschool teacher and leader in a small, tight-knit learning community/co-op preschool. I like that investing in genuine, caring relationships– with children and families alike– is at the heart of my work. I get to be my authentic self, to continually learn alongside the children, and to share my process with their families.”

“I’m not sure that I see early childhood as a more honored part of our culture. I would love for that to be the case. I would love for early childhood to be a sought after and revered field, with a dramatic shift in resources allocated to the programs serving young children. I do appreciate that there has been significant thinking, research and writing offered up on the importance of play, respecting foundational years, the value of teachers partnering with parents, and anti-bias education. I know that the work in Reggio Emilia Italy has been transformative in some folks taking early childhood more seriously.”

Read full interview here.

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