Talking About Martin Luther King & Skin Color

1/16/18 and 1/17/18  FAMILY SHARE:
Millions of people celebrated Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. We think Martin is a hero because he cared for and worked for what is kind, loving and fair. When people are confused, thinking that WHITE or light-colored skin is better than BLACK or dark-colored skin, Martin (and many people) said, “No! That’s not kind. That’s not true. That’s not fair. All people are important and all skin is beautiful.” 
 Look at this picture of people’s hands. Point to the skin color that is closest to the color or shade of your skin. Point to another skin color or shade you like.
We’ll continue to talk about ways we’re the same and different, referencing many spectacular children’s books. We’ll also talk about FAIR and UNFAIR and consider ways to speak up when something is unfair.

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