Wheel Days and Tour de Parklandia

Riding on Wheels Days at HFP

A couple of big days are coming up at HFP. We’ll take over the parking lot on scooters, bikes, and wagons, erecting the traffic cones to make it clear this space belongs to us! Just as the trees are bursting with flowers, confident preschoolers are bursting with energy. Offering gross motor physical challenges is one playful way to positively channel that energy. Wheel Days honor those who pedal to school or enjoy biking for weekend recreation, while giving those who are newer to the thrill of pedal power a chance to practice. We’ll exercise, provide riding challenges and learn bike safety.

The wheels theme extends throughout our morning together. During circle, we’ll sing wheel songs, and we’ll snack on wheel-shaped crackers, oranges, and bananas. We’ll provide wheel-themed craft activities and sharing books about bike riding, wheel chairs and an annual favorite, “Gretchen, the Bicycle Dog”– a true story about a dachshund who  ” loses the use of her back legs after an accident but triumphs over her disability with the help of a set of wheels.” We’ll engage all five senses as we jumpstart summer with this joyful outdoor adventure.


Riding at Tour de Parklandia

We’re excited to announce another cycling event that one special HFP alumnus and her family have started. “Tour de Parklandia , For the Love of Parks” is a day of riding to and playing at parks all around Southeast Portland. Eric Noon, Tour facilitator, told us recently how daughter Aviella came upon the idea.

From what we can recall, she’s always been inclined to be on wheels. From the Baby Jogger (many miles as we never had a stroller), Burley trailer, balance bike and then onto pedal bikes. As we were fortunate enough to ride to her preschools (EFC & HFP) she felt like biking was essential transportation & enjoyment. So we’ve become accustomed to riding everywhere in and around the neighborhood. With all the riding between parks for meet-ups, play dates, gardening, classes and the like, the idea sprouted up that we should host a ride with friends. And the natural choice to tour was parks. Aviella and her inclusive spirit wanted to invite everybody and the ride evolved from seven parks the first year, then eight parks and now nine parks this year. We like to have music, raffle, snacks, safety meeting and lots of fun with familiar faces and parks. Looking forward to touring around the parks again real soon. Hope you and yours can join.

Aviella’s “Tour de Parklandia, For the Love of Parks” will take place THIS SUNDAY, May 7th, at 12pm, starting at Sewallcrest City Park at SE 31st Ave & SE Market St, Portland, Oregon 97214. HFP and friends are invited to join. Let’s ride! 

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