9 Reasons You Need to Be at Hoopla! – HFP’s Costume Party Benefit

Circus Cascadia     Teacher Susan with HFP parents

On April 8th, HFP will host the party of the year at Oaks Park Dance Pavilion. Hoopla! will include a massive array of home-made dishes and desserts, versatile entertainment for the kids, a beer and wine bar, and a silent auction with outstanding gifts and services.

  1. It’s a Party

    We’ll have food, prizes, entertainment, beverage, costumes, circus-practice, music, and merriment.

  2. Your friends will be there

    Including HFP alumni and everyone’s favorite preschool teacher!

  3. It’s like Halloween in April

    Who can resist? Kids and adults alike come adorned in their favorite costumes.

  4. Support local businesses

    Donations all collected from Portland or Oregon businesses.

  5. FOOD

    So much home-made goodness and more dessert than you could hope for.

  6. The silent auction

    Check below for a sneak peak at some of the auction items.

  7. Big bang for your buck

    A $5 suggested donation per adult (kids are FREE) will get you dinner and entertainment for the entire family.

  8. Memories

    It’s one of those events your family will remember for years to come.

  9. Support HFP’s commitment to fair financing.

    Hoopla! fundraising efforts fuel our tuition assistance program, our sliding fee tuition scale (allowing families to pay according to their means) and a competitive teacher salary/benefits package.

The party of the year will be held at Oaks Park Dance Pavilion, April 8th, 4-7pm. $5 suggested donation per adult, kids are FREE.



  1. 5 rider package to Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park
  2. Two-night trip to the coast at an Airbnb!
  3. One on One parent coaching
  4. Massages
  5. Chocolate. So much.
  6. Raffle – $5/ticket to win a rafting trip with Blue Sky rafting or Timbers tickets

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